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Perfect Way to Spend a Summer Afternoon :iconjustencase:justencase 47 15
The Last Giantess: Chapter 10
A week went by and everything was seemingly going well for Remy and Chrissie. Chrissie was adjusting well to the circus and her performances so far had not led to any serious injuries. It was even rumoured that word of mouth about her had caused the circus attendance to rise. Not only was she helping fill the circus but she was also helping with take down and put up the large tent. Thanks to her size and strength she was able to do something that would have easily taken five men to do all by herself.
The Ringmaster was pleased by this and with the additional gold that was coming into the circus he was making a larger profit than he had before and he had the golden-haired giantess to thank for this. He wanted to make as much money off of her as he could before the bubble burst.
Chrissie had also been able to get to know some of the other workers at the circus which included the hands, some of the freaks and the performers. Most of them couldn't get over that she was the last giantess. M
:icona0040pc:a0040pc 3 20
String Theory -GT/One shot-
He'd gotten so damn careless.
“Shit.” The young man said, the single word a whispered hissed from between his clenched teeth as he pressed his back to the wall.
It took every ounce of willpower in his being to keep from whimpering as the ground shook beneath his feet, the earth seeming to jump a little with each powerful step.
He looked to the left then to the right, trying to find some way out of this terrible mess. But deep down he knew he was as good as caught and that no amount of cursing or looking around was going to save him. He was trapped on every side of his chosen hiding spot with only one way out...
And that would put him in direct view of the one he was trying to avoid.
He hadn't expected him to get home so early. He was usually out till a little later than this, he should have had another 20 minutes tops to get what he'd needed then be back in hiding and leaving the man none the wiser. He knew there was no true routine but the man was a creatu
:iconmythrilmog:MythrilMog 57 39
The coppery tang of blood was so thick in the air he could almost taste it. It made his mouth water…and his tongue slipped out from between his lips to lick at them hungrily…the overtone of fear and panic making the scent all the more appetizing.
Something was wounded…probably very near death…
A perfect meal. No chasing, or catching…it was always the most simple way of getting breakfast.
Finnigan purred a little as his green eyes flicked over the forest floor and his tail swished behind him, his body tense as he prowled towards the source of the mouthwatering scent.
It was mid-morning, the winter sun still rather low in the sky and a thin layer of snow speckled the ground where it'd fallen between the trees. But the cold held no effect on the cat…his skin was thick, and hearty, and the fur along his arms and back helped to warm him along with the thick pelts he'd taken from a group of poachers the beginning of the frost season.
The closer he drew to the sc
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 35 41
Angel With a Broken Wing
"Have you ever wondered why you're alive?"…
Finn blinked, his green eyes flickering as he looked downward. He felt a faint tingle as she shifted , the soft tickle of feathers brushing over his palm and fingers as she nestled up closer against his bare chest.
"What d'you mean by that, Sammy?...." He perked his fur tipped ears up curiously, the soft glow of his eyes magnified by the reflection of the moonlight filtering down through the trees overhead.
The tiny bird woman laughed softly, and he felt her nuzzle at his chest …before looking up towards him.
"Well, it's not that I don't enjoy being alive…it's just sometimes, I wonder how I was lucky enough to end up here, as the person I am with the people I know. Of all the chances of all the billions of souls waiting for a chance at life… was  I fortunate enough to end up alive?…."
The feline raised a brow, looking to her with curiosity still flickering in his eyes……but it softened into a w
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 33 19
A Lazy Day For Us~
Her ears perked up the moment she heard the jingle of keys…and the sound of a door unlocking and opening. At last he was home!~ The little mouse woman's eyes popped open with a look of delight…and in an instant she was up on her feet and sliding down the slope of the massive pillow to land on the bed below.
"Livia! I'm home~"
She heard the human announce his arrival, not that he really needed to…she always knew when he was back before he even had the door all the way open.
With a chitter of happiness, the mouseling practically jumped off the bed, just barely scraping her claws into the bedspread to slow her fall down the slope to the floor. And then she was off…racing on all fours to move faster to greet her best friend and keeper.
She owed him everything. He'd saved her life, afterall…found on his way home from work almost 7 years ago now. She'd been younger and smaller than her already tiny frame now, starving and curled up inside an old Starbuck's coffee cup
:iconlost-in-legends:Lost-in-Legends 51 25
Forbidden Friendship Chapter I
The house was empty today. The three humans were absent, so I could tidy my own "house", hidden under the floor ; I didn't want someone to notice the noise. I moved my books between the beams, putting away the ones I had already read. All I knew about the World, this big world, was in these big books. I had learnt many things through the books, and I had read many of them twice at least. After all, I had time. I was in this house for three years, and until now everything went well ; the place was safe, I didn't have to worry. I just had to be discrete and careful, just like the borrower I was. If I were seen, I would have to run away and find another place to live.
I tidied the basement for hours, and then decided to stop. The books were heavy to me, and I was hot, and tired to be confined under the floor. I had better things to do ; it was the end of the afternoon, and today was one of the last summer days in the year. It was a perfect moment for a walk in the garden. So, moving mysel
:iconchazste:Chazste 34 21
My Alien Girlfriend (Chapter 16)
“Look, we can’t keep this up, Adam.” Calvin sighed. All of us from the Ministry house were sitting in the living room having a meeting…about me and Yumi. I knew what they wanted to talk about and I also knew what it was they wanted me to do…what they wanted me to agree on. It didn’t change the fact that I would not and could not agree to this so easily.
“Look, we kept her safe this long…we can do it a bit longer.”
“No we can’t!” Snappy argued. “You’re lucky those things weren’t bullet proof the day Calvin saved your ass. We can’t do this anymore.”
“…I won’t damn Yumi to those things.”
“And we won’t die for a war we don’t understand.” Calvin sighed. “Adam, I get where you’re coming from…but we’ve made up our minds. Yumi has to go.”
I didn’t want to hear it. But I also knew they were right. I couldn
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 23 28
My Alien Girlfriend (Chapter 1)
The rain pounded on my car as I drove up the highway to my college. The sky was cloudy and it was rather chilly. I wanted to get back to the campus soon, or it would be too dark to see where I was driving. It had been a good visit back at mom and dad’s, but they had wanted to visit too long and I’d let time get away from me. It was 9 in the evening…and my housemates would probably be up watching TV or something. I didn’t want them teasing me about returning from home so late…because they’d done that before.
The guys I lived with had long put their family life behind them and very rarely visited their families at home. They often picked on me about visiting my family during certain weekends like this one. Because it was the weekend, I had decided to drive home to visit my mom and dad for a while. Unlike the guys, I missed them and I don’t get to see them very often, especially ever since I started college. They were happy to see me of course,
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 183 74
Mature content
A Study in Extremes - Chap.1 :iconprimematrix:PrimeMatrix 12 7
The Little Things in Life: Chapter 17
~‘Where am I?’
Claire felt around on the dark rough ground, her small fingers lingering over the groves and lines of the wooden texture.  The only sound she could hear was the pulsating blood moving in her ears, and her breathing heavy.  She sucked in a breath of cold air.  Something wasn’t right.  
The ground shifted and pulsated as the heavy thuds dragged across the floor.  She looked up to see Jason’s monstrous form, engulfing everything around her.  His face unfriendly, and unamused.  Her breathing became erratic, and she stood up- only to have her knees buckle underneath her.  A sharp pain in her shoulder spliced up her nerve endings in her arm.
Jason’s hand wrapped around her form, bringing her to eye level.  His eyes were cold, calculating. She felt nauseous. “Jason please..” She begged, hot tears rolling down her checks.  
He opened up his mouth wide, as strings of saliva connected the b
:iconmelrosie:Melrosie 23 15
The Little Things in Life: Ch. 14
Pounding.  Was she dreaming?  Pounding.  It was getting louder.  Voices, muffed but loud were cutting through the dark.  Where was she?
Claire jolted awake, her heart beating vigorously.  The hard pounding was like standing amiss in a war zone.  The exploding thuds and harsh voices were bulldozing through the door.  Claire’s stomach dropped.  “Jason!”  She yelled and hammered her fists into the wall of the giant man’s abdomen.  “Wake up!”  
She started to climb his shirt, gripping the fabric as she went.  Once at the collar of the sleeping giant she let out a bloodcurdling scream, “JASON!”
Jason lurched awake, the sudden movement made Claire lose her grip.  Jason snatched her out of the air, his eyes dilated and stunned.  “What’s going on?”  His voice horse and urgent.  Claire shook her head and looked to the door, the loud noises still
:iconmelrosie:Melrosie 33 12
The Little Things in Life: Ch. 11
Cold sweat beaded on Jason's brow as his feet pounded the ground in a full on sprint, his heart racing as he made his way through the glass doors of the law firm.  Immediately he was hit with the smell of windex accompanied by the wondering eyes of curious bystanders.  
"You're late."  A young woman at the front desk rang with an amused voice, her blonde curls tumbling past her shoulders.
"Thanks for the update Grace."  Jason sneered as he ran passed her into the stairwell.  He had no time to goof around today.  He glanced down at his watch- 8:10 am.  A growl exploded up his throat as he took two or three steps at a time, his supervisor would have his head.  
Claire clung to the plastic baggy, her clenched fingers almost ripping small holes into the surface.  Her stomach did flips as the briefcase continued to whip around in every direction.  She didn't know how much more she could take
:iconmelrosie:Melrosie 19 16
The Little Things in Life: Ch. 5
Jason's fingers fumbled for his keys in his other pocket, his hands shaking as he unlocked and turned the golden knob to his apartment.  His excitement never dwindled since the moment he held the small girl in the clasp of his hands.  He hadn't had the chance to get a good look at her, until now.
He turned swiftly, making sure his movements were smooth and controlled as he locked the door behind him.  He stood transfixed in his small living room, the dark orange and yellows of the sunset melting onto the soft carpeting.  He let in a deep breath, the air slightly smelling of axe and the salt of his sweat.  
His long strides glided him swiftly to his bedroom where he shut the door with a quiet click.  He walked over to his oak dresser where he placed his hands flat on the surface.  He looked up at his image in the mirror, his dark eyes were tense and filled with anticipation.  His gaze slowly drifted to the l
:iconmelrosie:Melrosie 30 23
Mature content
Courtney crushes :iconmrthatoneidiotguy:Mrthatoneidiotguy 96 11


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